Curriculum & Requirements

The curriculum of Trinity Christian School includes academic instruction (reading, math, language arts, spelling, social studies, history, health/science and creative writing), art, physical education, chapel and special events, including field trips. All phases of the curriculum are directed toward the development of the whole individual.


In core academic classes (Math, History, Science and Language Arts) emphasis is placed on student achievement and mastery of academic fundamentals. Curriculum is carefully chosen by faculty and administration to hold a high academic standard without compromising Christian beliefs.


Bible instruction and application of its principles are an integral part of everything we do in the classroom and on the campus/playground. Along with our regular curriculum and scripture memorization, our Bible curriculum focuses on Christian character traits such as love, honesty, respect and courage. Through the teaching of Biblical character traits, it is our goal that each child will begin to practice these character qualities in his/her own life. Biblical character is reinforced in each child’s life throughout the day, not just at a specified Bible class. We at Trinity Christian School desire to give our children more than just Bible knowledge; we want the truth of the Bible to affect their lives in a personal way.