Day Care

Trinity Christian School Daycare

The mission of the Student Services Department at Trinity Christian School is three-fold

  • Our first cause is to uphold students and teachers in the classroom, as well as, in other capacities around the school to ensure each student receives the best quality and the highest quantity of individualized attention possible.
  • Secondly, Student Services provides students with safe, consistent supervision during recesses and before the school day begins.
  • Our third and largest charge is to serve the convenience of TCS families with a safe, nurturing, inclusive child care program that continually strives to meet the highest quality child care standards in a loving, comfortable, Christ-centered environment.

TCS Daycare Philosophy

  • The Student Services Staff of Trinity Christian School is committed to creating a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere where each child in our care can unwind, relax, play, and enjoy being a child.
  • Each student is wonderfully and uniquely made by the Creator and is a child of God. Each one is of great value and is much loved by our heavenly Father. These same things apply to each care-giver whom God has called to serve Him by serving His children.
  • Children thrive in an environment where they feel safe and secure. Setting boundaries and limitations for children, and then teaching them what those boundaries and limits are, builds a strong sense of security and instills confidence in the child.
  • The social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth of each child is sparked through play and interaction with their peers. Opportunities for games, group play, reading, building, performing, role-play, make believe, and arts & crafts help children build skills and confidence through making choices and decisions for themselves. God’s infallible word provides the foundation for acceptable interaction and behavior between the children and their adult care-givers. Everyone is encouraged to have respect, concern and empathy for one another and also for themselves.

Daycare Overview

TCS offers a full range of daycare options for the convenience of our parents including:

  • AM Daycare – 6:30 AM to 8:00 AM all school days
  • PM Daycare – 3:15 PM to 6:00 PM all regular school days
  • Full Time Daycare (FT) AM + PM including minimum days and most no school days
  • Drop-In Daycare (DI) – AM, PM, or both on an as needed bases
  • Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and Summer Day Camp 6:30 AM-6:00 PM, M-F (except holidays) are determined on a yearly basis. Check the TCS calendar for available dates.

Morning daycare is available from 6:30 AM until 8:00 AM when the school day begins. Drop-off and sign-in is located in the Daycare building (G), just inside the campus gate on the Madison side of the campus. Parents who sign the appropriate forms may use “Drive-thru-drop-off”, giving Trinity staff the authority to sign their children in to daycare.


Daycare pick-up is also in the Daycare building (G). Students must be signed out in order to leave daycare, either by their parent or guardian when they leave or by a teacher or coach for other on-campus activities. All students who are in afternoon daycare and who are present on campus must be accounted for on paper in the daycare building.

Students who arrive at school early color, draw, and play games in the game room. There are many activities for students to choose from including air hockey, table soccer, billiards, video games, books and movies. At 8:00 AM when the weather is good all students move to the playground until it is time to line up for class at 8:25 AM. Students are escorted from the playground to their classroom by their teacher and the school day begins. At 3:00 PM those students who stay for afternoon daycare are met by Student Services staff on the playground (Kindergarteners will be picked up from their classroom and taken to their roll-call area) for roll call. Students play on the playground for 15 minutes. At 3:15 the bell rings and roll-call begins. When roll-call is completed students and staff head to the Daycare building (G) where the students put away their belongings. Between 3:30 and 5:00 students from first through eighth grade are provided an opportunity to complete their homework or they may play in the game room. Students may also play on the playground as weather permits until about 5:00 PM when all daycare students move to the game room where they stay until 6:00 PM.