The Philosophy of Trinity Christian School

is grounded on the following statements

  • The home, the church and the school should compliment each other, promoting the student’s spiritual, academic, social, and physical growth.


  • Learning involves interaction between people. A well-rounded education involves exposure to a variety of cultures, ideas, and issues; all of which are to be interpreted by the light of God’s Word.


  • God has given differing abilities to each student. It is the staff’s responsibility to stimulate and challenge each student according to his/her ability while seeking to develop the student’s full potential.


  • Trinity Christian School will offer the best educational opportunities possible, using the finest facilities and equipment that the constituency can afford.


  • Every instructor shall be encouraged in professional growth. New ideas in education will be considered if they can improve the program of the school and remain consistent with its mission.


  • The student’s home, church, and school experiences should be a preparation for a life of fellowship with God through Jesus Christ and service to Him and our fellow man.


  • Evaluation and assessment of our education and spiritual programs, as evidence in the lives of Trinity’s graduates, is necessary for continued improvement toward meeting the needs of our students.