Fifth Grade

Teacher: Mrs Svirida

Room: A-2

Phone: (916)331-7377 ext. 3191



I. Grammar
  • Mastering subjects and predicates – simple and compound
  • Recognizing and using all eight parts of speech: Verbs: action, state of being, helping, linking, compound verbs, verb phrases, principal parts of verbs (regular and irregular), Nouns: common, proper, compound, plurals of nouns, Pronouns: subjective, objective and possessive cases, compound pronouns, demonstrative and interrogative pronouns, Adjectives: predicate adjectives, comparisons, Adverbs: distinguishing from adjectives, Prepositions: prepositional phrases Conjunctions, Interjunctions.
  • Sentence Diagramming
  • Recognizing complements: direct object, indirect object, predicate nominative, and predicate adjective.
II. Composition
  • Reviewing all punctuation rules learned in fourth grade, along with learning additional rules for commas, apostrophes, hyphens, and semicolons.
  • Reviewing all capitalization rules learned in fourth grade, as well as, learning additional rules.
  • Writing and giving book reports.
  • Recognizing and writing correctly structured sentences.
  • Recognizing and correcting sentence fragments.
  • Recognizing and writing declarative, interrogative, exclamatory, and imperative sentences.
  • Writing friendly letters, business letters, thank-you notes, and post cards.
  • Learning and using the writing process.
  • Developing good paragraphs.
  • Writing with details.
  • Using the encyclopedia.
  • Writing an encyclopedia report.
  • Writing a library research report (bibliography cards, note cards, outlines, and bibliography).
  • Enjoying creative writing (journals).
  • Writing dialogue.
III. Word Usage
  • Using the best words.
  • Using synonyms, antonyms and homonyms.
  • Using the dictionary.
  • Using the thesaurus.
  • Making subjects and verbs agree.
  • Using troublesome words: lie/lay, can/may, between/among.
  • Using modifiers well: good/well, negatives.
IV. Reading
  • Applies what has been taught throughout Trinity years.
  • The expectation for fifth grade is to be fluent with understanding. Student is expected to have good understanding and comprehension of what has been read with written answers to related questions.
  • Students are expected to do weekly timed reading drills.
  • Monthly book reports are also required.
V. Penmanship
  • Penmanship in fifth grade requires cursive writing, improving skill and control.
  • This curriculum also reviews language skills throughout the year in writing exercises.
VI. Spelling
  • Students review 34 lists during the school year. Each list includes 35 words with 10 of them having definitions to be learned, as well. Word lists follow a theme each week but more importantly, they apply phonics rules learned throughout the A Beka curriculum taught at Trinity. Students also use these words in language, penmanship and reading curriculums.
VII. Math
  • Saxon math in fifth grade expects all students to have mastered multiplication so that division is easier.
  • By mid-year, students are working on more complicated division problems, percents and fractions, including improper fractions, mixed numbers and reducing.
  • Many math problems will be expected to be done mentally.
  • Students will also add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions.
VIII. History
  • The year’s curriculum reviews the 20th
  • Students research the states, the state bird and the state flags. century from Henry Ford, WWI and WWII, the 1920’s, as well as, a review of the fifty states.
  • Language skills of research and writing are incorporated in the curriculum. A research report is also included during the school year.
IX. Science
  • The curriculum includes a variety of topics such as weather, vertebrates, sea life, outer space, and others. Work includes reading, review questions and chapter reviews.
X. Bible
  • Weekly verses are learned relating to the weekly subject.
  • The year’s Bible lessons focus on the Old Testament books, beginning with Genesis.
  • Each lesson includes a main character or theme, as well as, applying it to our own daily lives.
XI. Foreign Language:
  • Spanish has been added to Trinity curriculum. Content includes introductory grammer, vocabulary and conversational Spanish.
XII. Extracurricular
  • Creative Writing
  • Spelling Bee
  • Speech Meet
  • Math Olympics
  • Science Projects

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Dear Parents,


WOW, I cannot believe that this is my last NEWSLETTER of the year for this class! I am going to miss my students from this class. They were a great group to work with and I will never forget them! Also, thank you to those parents who helped out with activities this year. I could not have done it without you. You and your student are welcome to keep in touch with me over the summer! Have a great and relaxing summer and come say hi at orientation!

Please check jupiter for report cards if you have not already.


Middle School Supply List [ LINK HERE ]


  • 3-7        — NO Daycare
  • 10        — Summer Camp Session 1
  • 24        — Summer Camp Session 2


  • 8        — Summer Camp Session 3
  • 9 – 12        — Piano Camp (LINK HERE)
  • 16 – 19        — Praise Band Camp (LINK HERE)
  • 22        — Summer Camp Session 4
  • 23 – 26        — Music Camp (LINK HERE)




2019 – 2020 Important School Dates to Remember
Orientation Night Mon., Aug. 12
First Day of School Wed., Aug. 14
Labor Day – no school Mon., Sep. 2
Veterans Day – no school Mon., Nov. 11
Thanksgiving Week – no school Nov. 25 – 29
Christmas Break – no school Dec. 20 – Jan. 5
MLK Jr. Day – no school Mon., Jan. 20
President’s Day – no school Mon., Feb 17
Easter Break – no school Apr. 13 – 17
Memorial Day – no school Mon., May 25
Last Day of School Thur., May 28