First Grade

Teacher: Mrs. Cassidy

Room: C-8

Phone: (916)331-7377 ext. 3216



I. Bible
  • Positive Action for Christ, Enjoying God’s Giftso Creation, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Jesus’ birth, lessons of Jesus, Jesus’ death and Resurrection, Samuel, David, Elijah
II. Reading – A Beka
  • A Handbook for Reading
  • Fun with Pets
  • Tiptoes
  • Stepping Stones
  • Secrets and Surprises
  • The Bridge Book
  • Animals in the Great Outdoors
  • Kind and Brave
  • Aesop’s Fables
  • Strong and True
  • Down by the Sea
III. Letters and Sounds – A Beka, Letters and Sounds 1
  • Mark vowels and special sounds
  • Identify root words, suffix, syllables, opposites, rhyming words
IV.Language – A Beka, Language 1
  • Match word with picture
  • Write complete sentences
  • Capitalization rules
  • Punctuation rules
  • Alphabetize
  • Correct word usage
  • Short stories
  • Creative writing
V. Math – Saxon, Saxon Math 1
  • Date
  • Writing numbers
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Compare
  • Addition/Subtraction of single and double digits
  • Number patterns
  • Counting pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters
  • Time to hour, half hour, five minute intervals
  • Measuring in inches and centimeters
  • Fractions of one half and one fourth
  • Graphs
VI. Penmanship – A Beka, Writing with Phonics 1
  • Letter formation
  • Proper letter size
  • Proper paper and pencil position
VII.Spelling – A Beka, Spelling and Poetry 1
  • Weekly spelling list starting with ten words a week and increasing to fifteen words
VIII. History – A Beka, My America and My World
  • My America: America’s flag, freedoms, symbols, people
  • America grows, talks, travels
  • America is Beautiful
  • America Sings
  • My World: various countries around the world
IX.Science – A Beka, Discovering God’s World
  • Five senses
  • Simple machines: wheels, ramps, levers
  • Animals: baby animals, elephant, duck, turtle, owl
  • Insects
  • Plants: flowers, seeds, fruit, roots, stem, leaves
  • Seasons
X. Health – A Beka, Health, Safety and Manners 1
  • Growth and habits
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise and rest
  • Care of eyes, skin, nose, teeth
  • Safety at home, on the street, on the playground, in water
  • Manners at home, school, church, in public places
XI. Physical Education
  • Organized outdoor games and exercise
XIII. Art – Crafts and projects in class
  • Coloring, cutting, pasting, painting and various other media
XIV. Music – with school music teacher (participation in school musicals)
XV. Field Trips
  • Safetyville
  • Explore It Science Center
  • Musical Play
  • Petco
  • End of Year Swim Party at local swim club
Homework (weekly)
I. Bible Memory
  • Every Monday a Bible Memory Verse will be assigned. It must be recited by Friday.
II. Math
  • Homework papers will be Tuesday and Thursday. Homework assigned will be due the following day
  • Addition and subtraction facts will also be assigned for memorization.
III. Spelling
  • Every Monday we will begin a new spelling list. Words are to be written three times each and turned in Tuesday. Trial tests will be given on Thursday and final tests will be given on Friday.
  • Reading homework will be assigned on a Reading Assignment Sheet and will be on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.
Grading (for report card)
I. Bible
  • Weekly memory verses and reverence during chapel.
II. Math
  • Addition/subtraction facts, computing, concepts, and word problems.
III. Spelling
  • Weekly spelling test.
  • Fluent reading, knowledge of vowels, blends, and word attack skills.
V. Language
  • Writes sentences, correct punctuation and capitalization.
VI. Penmanship
  • Correct letter formation and neatness.
VII. History
  • Attention and participation in class.
VIII. Science
  • Attention and participation in class.
IX. P.E.
  • Attention and participation.
X. Music
  • Rated by Dr. Muntean.
XI. Art
  • Effort and neatness.
  • Respect others, courteous, obedient, cooperative.
XIII. Effort
  • Attentiveness, listens, uses time wisely, completes homework, participates in class, and is neat and orderly.

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Second Grade School Supply List [ link here ]

  • 3-7        — NO Daycare
  • 10        — Summer Camp Session 1
  • 24        — Summer Camp Session 2


  • 8        — Summer Camp Session 3
  • 9 – 12        — Piano Camp (LINK HERE)
  • 16 – 19        — Praise Band Camp (LINK HERE)
  • 22        — Summer Camp Session 4
  • 23 – 26        — Music Camp (LINK HERE)


2019 – 2020 Important School Dates to Remember

Orientation Night Mon., Aug. 12
First Day of School Wed., Aug. 14
Labor Day – no school Mon., Sep. 2
Veterans Day – no school Mon., Nov. 11
Thanksgiving Week – no school Nov. 25 – 29
Christmas Break – no school Dec. 20 – Jan. 5
MLK Jr. Day – no school Mon., Jan. 20
President’s Day – no school Mon., Feb 17
Easter Break – no school Apr. 13 – 17
Memorial Day – no school Mon., May 25
Last Day of School Thur., May 28