Second Grade

Teacher: Mrs Andrada

Room: B-6

Phone: (916)331-7377 ext. 3231



I. Bible – Positive Action for Christ – Finding God’s Promises, Primary Bible Reader
  • Lessons such as God’s Promises, Salvation, Creation, Life of Moses, Miracles, Tabernacle, Joshua, Ten Plagues of Egypt, and lessons of Jesus
  • Curriculum includes memory verses, vocabulary, Bible doctrine, Bible maps, character trait activities, and life application sections
II. Reading – A Beka
  • Handbook for Reading
  • Story Tree
  • Treasure Chest
  • Hidden Treasure
  • No Longer a Nobody (Novel)
  • Paths of Gold
  • Sunshine Meadows
  • Silver Sails
  • Open Skies
  • Growing Up Where Jesus Lived
  • All Kinds of Animals
III. Phonics – A Beka – Letters and Sounds 2
  • Review of vowels, consonants, blends, one-and two- vowel words, consonant blends, and all phonics rules
  • Recognition and use of all phonics special sounds in reading
  • Spelling rules: Doubling consonants, dropping silent e, changing yto i
  • Oral reading
  • Reading comprehension
IV. Penmanship – A Beka – Writing with Phonics 2
  • Manuscript letter formation
  • Cursive letter formation
  • Daily seatwork practice in all academic areas
  • Introduction to ¾ -space writing
  • Writing thank you notes and letters
  • Writing poetry
  • Guided creative writing
V. Spelling and Poetry – A Beka – Spelling and Poetry 2
  • Weekly phonics-based word list
  • Vocabulary words and definitions – second semester
  • Reinforcement activities
  • Spelling glossary
  • Reading and writing various styles of poetry
  • Weekly test
VI. Math – Saxon – Math 2
  • Number and Operation, Number Sense and Numeration, Concepts of Whole Number Operation
  • Whole Number Computation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and d)
  • Fractions and Decimals
  • Money
  • Patterns, Algebra, and Functions (number sentences, graphs, and comparison symbols)
  • Geometry (shapes, spatial relationships, line segments, angles, symmetry, andtransformations)
  • Measurement (time, calendar, temperature, linear measure, weight-mass, Capacity-Volume, Perimeter, and Area)
  • Data analysis, statistics, and probability (surveys, pictographs, bar graphs, Venn diagrams, and probability)
  • Problem Solving (developing skills and strategies)
Language – A Beka – Language 2
  • Capitalization of a first word in a sentence, days of the week, months of the year, special holidays, people, and places
  • Correct punctuation at the ends of sentences
  • Words using prefixes, suffixes, abbreviations, compound words, same-meaning words, singular and plural words, singular possessive words, and contractions
  • Alphabetizing words and other dictionary skills
  • Word usage rules
  • Writing of complete sentences, periods, questions, exclamations, short stories, friendly letters, and guided creative writing
  • Writing thank you notes and letters
VII. History and Geography – A Beka – Our America
  • America: Our home, our flag, our Patriotic holidays, our songs
  • The people who built America: The Separatists, America’s Indians, the Colonists, America’s pioneers, America’s cowboys, the new Americans, and tomorrow’s Americans
VIII. Science – A Beka – Enjoying God’s World 2
  • Enjoying Myself and Others
  • Enjoying the Animal World
  • Enjoying the Plant World
  • Enjoying Things That Work Together
  • Enjoying Things That Move
  • Enjoying the Air Around Us
  • Enjoying Our Earth and Sky
IX. Health, Safety and Manners – A Beka – Health, Safety, & Manners 2
  • Health: Posture, nutrition, exercise, rest, cleanliness, diseases, and thinking right thoughts
  • Manners: Courtesy, politeness, kindness, cheerfulness, respectfulness, thoughtfulness, thankfulness, patience, table and telephone manners
  • Safety: At home and away from home, on the streets, around water, and during bad weather
X. Art
  • Coloring, watercoloring, crafts, projects, and various other media
XI. Physical Education
  • Organized outdoor games and exercise
XII. Music – with school music teacher
  • Participation in school musicals

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Dear Parents,


What a joy and privilege it has been teaching your child this year!  I have enjoyed spending the school year getting to know each and every child!  Each child has special and unique qualities that have meant so much to me and their classmates!  I will miss them along with you!  It is such a blessing to have many parents who are loving, caring, and have a supportive spirit towards their child’s teacher!  Thank you!

Children, we have had an amazing year learning, growing, and having fun!  I will miss you more than words can express!  I pray you will have a fun, enjoyable, and memorable summer with your family and friends!


Prayers, love, and blessings for a delightful summer,

Mrs. Owens


Calendar of Events


Third  Grade School Supply List [ link here ]


  • 3-7        — NO Daycare
  • 10        — Summer Camp Session 1
  • 24        — Summer Camp Session 2


  • 8        — Summer Camp Session 3
  • 9 – 12        — Piano Camp (LINK HERE)
  • 16 – 19        — Praise Band Camp (LINK HERE)
  • 22        — Summer Camp Session 4
  • 23 – 26        — Music Camp (LINK HERE)


2019 – 2020 Important School Dates to Remember

Orientation Night Mon., Aug. 12
First Day of School Wed., Aug. 14
Labor Day – no school Mon., Sep. 2
Veterans Day – no school Mon., Nov. 11
Thanksgiving Week – no school Nov. 25 – 29
Christmas Break – no school Dec. 20 – Jan. 5
MLK Jr. Day – no school Mon., Jan. 20
President’s Day – no school Mon., Feb 17
Easter Break – no school Apr. 13 – 17
Memorial Day – no school Mon., May 25
Last Day of School Thur., May 28